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Workout Routines for Men at Home

There are many workout routines for men which can be performed at home. It is not at all necessary to join a gym in order to keep oneself fit. The home workouts are in fact better than those performed at a gym; this is because only the body weight is used while performing them. A person without prior knowledge about… Read more »

What Should You Eat after a Workout?

A popular exercising myth is to starve oneself after working out. It is believed that if you eat after exercising, you gain all the weight you lost and pile on even more pounds. But the exact opposite is true. To aid your weight loss or workout, you must eat something after a workout. Eating after a workout is like filling… Read more »

Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

You might be a self-starter and self-motivator in many activities, but when it comes to following a fitness regime, you look out for excuses to avoid it whenever you can. At least, this is what happens with me! Joining a gym is not that difficult, but continuing it till you have achieved your goals becomes a herculean task. Ever thought… Read more »

Best Time of the Day to Work Out

The best time of the day to work out may depend completely upon your schedule and your preference. The availability of time may vary for each individual, and so shall the time and duration of their respective workout routine. Some find it extremely difficult to wake up earlier that usual, just for exercising. Those who are not morning people, should… Read more »